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Phpinfo() sections

To add more directives and information to the phpinfo() output of your Zephir extension, you can make use of the configuration options in the config.json file. This allows you to provide additional details, environment data, and INI options related to your extension.

Here is an example of how to configure this in your config.json file:

    "namespace": "your_extension",
    "name": "Your Extension",
    "author": "Your Name",
    "version": "1.0.0",

    "ini": {
        "your_extension.some_ini_directive": "default_value",
        "your_extension.another_ini_directive": "another_default_value"

    "info": {
        "some_information": "This is additional information about your extension",
        "another_information": "You can add more information here"

Adding INI Directives

The ini section allows you to specify INI directives related to your extension. In the example above, two INI directives (your_extension.some_ini_directive and your_extension.another_ini_directive) are defined with their default values.

Adding Additional Information

The info section allows you to provide additional information that will be displayed in the phpinfo() output. You can add any key-value pairs under this section to include relevant details about your extension.

After making these configurations, when users run phpinfo(), your extension's section will include the specified INI directives and additional information.

Adjust the values and keys according to your extension's needs. This customization helps users understand the configuration options and details related to your Zephir extension.

This information will be shown as follows: